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William Layton

My 3xgreat grandfather is a very elusive chap: known only by his name on christening entries, he does not appear in any census. The only clue is that his wife is shown as a widow in the 1851 census, but that may be a red herring. No deaths have been found before 1851. Possible christenings for him include 1797 in Chettisham, and two in 1804 in Cambridge. Of the latter, I quite like 12 August 1804 at St Edward, son of Robert and Mary. The alternative is 20 May 1804 in Cherry Hinton, son of Robert and Susan. His marriage, by banns, to Hannah Lowton at Dry Drayton on 21 April 1823, gives his address as "of Holy Trinity, Cambridge".
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John Staden & Salomey Ongley

When did they get married? Signs point to "before 1829" in London...... but no luck so far in finding them.
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