Greenwich, Kent



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Maud  Abt 1889Greenwich, Kent I5829 Freeman-Culpin 
2 CAWTHORN, Eleanor Lucy  1865Greenwich, Kent I10224 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CAWTHORN, Elizabeth Ann  1859Greenwich, Kent I10223 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CAWTHORN, Emma Jane  1855Greenwich, Kent I10222 Freeman-Culpin 
5 CULPIN, Alfred  1854Greenwich, Kent I748 Freeman-Culpin 
6 CULPIN, Arthur  1847Greenwich, Kent I2219 Freeman-Culpin 
7 CULPIN, Mary Ann  1848Greenwich, Kent I747 Freeman-Culpin 
8 LOUGHTON, Doris Miriam  1911Greenwich, Kent I9775 Freeman-Culpin 
9 LOUGHTON, Edward Alexander  1910Greenwich, Kent I9777 Freeman-Culpin 
10 LOUGHTON, Sidney Frank  1908Greenwich, Kent I9778 Freeman-Culpin 
11 PAGE, Arthur William  9 Jul 1875Greenwich, Kent I7265 Freeman-Culpin 
12 RICKARBY, Eleanor Alice  1878Greenwich, Kent I14353 Freeman-Culpin 
13 RICKARBY, Ethel Maud  1876Greenwich, Kent I14352 Freeman-Culpin 
14 RICKARBY, Frank Cawthorn  1874Greenwich, Kent I14351 Freeman-Culpin 
15 STADEN, Henry Walter  1845Greenwich, Kent I1893 Freeman-Culpin 
16 STAPLES, James Deeks  1871Greenwich, Kent I2605 Freeman-Culpin 
17 TURNER, Jane  Abt 1876Greenwich, Kent I9164 Freeman-Culpin 
18 WOLFE, Ethel Mary  c 1879Greenwich, Kent I14374 Freeman-Culpin 
19 WOLFE, Thomas William  c 1884Greenwich, Kent I14375 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 WOLFE, Ethel Mary  14 Sep 1879Greenwich, Kent I14374 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 AKERMAN, William John  1935Greenwich, Kent I4598 Freeman-Culpin 
2 CAWTHORN, Agnes  26 Nov 1928Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CAWTHORN, John  1895Greenwich, Kent I10218 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CAWTHORN, Mary  1924Greenwich, Kent I10219 Freeman-Culpin 
5 COLLIS, Frederick  14 Jun 1925Greenwich, Kent I9765 Freeman-Culpin 
6 COLLIS, Henry Frederick Edward  28 Dec 1986Greenwich, Kent I9769 Freeman-Culpin 
7 ELGAR, Elsie Frances  Apr 1986Greenwich, Kent I9795 Freeman-Culpin 
8 FREEMAN, Thomas Henry  1916Greenwich, Kent I2171 Freeman-Culpin 
9 LOUGHTON, Frank  1937Greenwich, Kent I7802 Freeman-Culpin 
10 LOUGHTON, Walter  Dec 1901Greenwich, Kent I7787 Freeman-Culpin 
11 OSBORN, Emily  1895Greenwich, Kent I777 Freeman-Culpin 
12 RICKARBY, Benjamin Henry  1899Greenwich, Kent I14343 Freeman-Culpin 
13 RICKARBY, Eleanor Alice  1880Greenwich, Kent  I14353 Freeman-Culpin 
14 RICKARBY, Ethel Maud  1880Greenwich, Kent I14352 Freeman-Culpin 
15 RICKARBY, Frank Cawthorn  1880Greenwich, Kent I14351 Freeman-Culpin 
16 RICKARBY, Horace Benjamin  1896Greenwich, Kent I14346 Freeman-Culpin 
17 STAPLES, James Deeks  Sep 1871Greenwich, Kent I2605 Freeman-Culpin 
18 YOUNG, George Henry  1921Greenwich, Kent I14357 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAWTHORN, Agnes  1 Dec 1928Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
2 LANGFORD, Mary  24 Jun 1876Greenwich, Kent I10217 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEASLEY, Louisa  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I2841 Freeman-Culpin 
2 CAWTHORN, Agnes  30 Mar 1851Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CAWTHORN, Agnes  7 Apr 1861Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CAWTHORN, Agnes  2 Apr 1871Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
5 CAWTHORN, Agnes  3 Apr 1881Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
6 CAWTHORN, Agnes  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
7 CAWTHORN, Agnes  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
8 CAWTHORN, Agnes  2 Apr 1911Greenwich, Kent I10221 Freeman-Culpin 
9 CAWTHORN, Eleanor Lucy  2 Apr 1871Greenwich, Kent I10224 Freeman-Culpin 
10 CAWTHORN, Eleanor Lucy  3 Apr 1881Greenwich, Kent I10224 Freeman-Culpin 
11 CAWTHORN, Eleanor Lucy  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I10224 Freeman-Culpin 
12 CAWTHORN, Eleanor Lucy  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I10224 Freeman-Culpin 
13 CAWTHORN, Eleanor Lucy  2 Apr 1911Greenwich, Kent I10224 Freeman-Culpin 
14 CAWTHORN, Elizabeth Ann  7 Apr 1861Greenwich, Kent I10223 Freeman-Culpin 
15 CAWTHORN, Elizabeth Ann  2 Apr 1871Greenwich, Kent I10223 Freeman-Culpin 
16 CAWTHORN, Emma Jane  7 Apr 1861Greenwich, Kent I10222 Freeman-Culpin 
17 CAWTHORN, Emma Jane  2 Apr 1871Greenwich, Kent I10222 Freeman-Culpin 
18 CAWTHORN, Emma Jane  3 Apr 1881Greenwich, Kent I10222 Freeman-Culpin 
19 CAWTHORN, Emma Jane  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I10222 Freeman-Culpin 
20 CAWTHORN, Emma Jane  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I10222 Freeman-Culpin 
21 CAWTHORN, John  30 Mar 1851Greenwich, Kent I10218 Freeman-Culpin 
22 CAWTHORN, John  7 Apr 1861Greenwich, Kent I10218 Freeman-Culpin 
23 CAWTHORN, John  2 Apr 1871Greenwich, Kent I10218 Freeman-Culpin 
24 CAWTHORN, John  3 Apr 1881Greenwich, Kent I10218 Freeman-Culpin 
25 CAWTHORN, John  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I10218 Freeman-Culpin 
26 CAWTHORN, Mary  30 Mar 1851Greenwich, Kent I10219 Freeman-Culpin 
27 CAWTHORN, Sarah Ann  30 Mar 1851Greenwich, Kent I10220 Freeman-Culpin 
28 CAWTHORN, Sarah Ann  7 Apr 1861Greenwich, Kent I10220 Freeman-Culpin 
29 FREEMAN, George  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I2370 Freeman-Culpin 
30 LANGFORD, Mary  30 Mar 1851Greenwich, Kent I10217 Freeman-Culpin 
31 LANGFORD, Mary  7 Apr 1861Greenwich, Kent I10217 Freeman-Culpin 
32 LANGFORD, Mary  2 Apr 1871Greenwich, Kent I10217 Freeman-Culpin 
33 MARDEN, Caroline  30 Mar 1851Greenwich, Kent I5291 Freeman-Culpin 
34 RIX, Ellen  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I14356 Freeman-Culpin 
35 RIX, Ellen  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I14356 Freeman-Culpin 
36 TURNER, Jane  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I9164 Freeman-Culpin 
37 WOLFE, Ethel Mary  3 Apr 1881Greenwich, Kent I14374 Freeman-Culpin 
38 WOLFE, Ethel Mary  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I14374 Freeman-Culpin 
39 WOLFE, Ethel Mary  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I14374 Freeman-Culpin 
40 WOLFE, Rowland Frederick  31 Mar 1901iGreenwich, Kent I14373 Freeman-Culpin 
41 WOLFE, Rowland Frederick  3 Apr 1881Greenwich, Kent I14373 Freeman-Culpin 
42 WOLFE, Rowland Frederick  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I14373 Freeman-Culpin 
43 WOLFE, Thomas William  5 Apr 1891Greenwich, Kent I14375 Freeman-Culpin 
44 WOLFE, Thomas William  31 Mar 1901Greenwich, Kent I14375 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID   Tree 
1 LANGFORD, Olive   I7880 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FREEMAN / GRAINGER  1890Greenwich, Kent F920 Freeman-Culpin 
2 LOUGHTON / SMITH  1908Greenwich, Kent F3023 Freeman-Culpin