Biggleswade, Beds



Latitude: 52.086938, Longitude: -0.264220000000023


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1800Biggleswade, Beds I1760 Freeman-Culpin 
2 Sarah  Abt 1857Biggleswade, Beds I4873 Freeman-Culpin 
3 ALBONE, Albert Edward  15 Apr 1897Biggleswade, Beds I14314 Freeman-Culpin 
4 ALBONE, Dorothy Kate  4 Sep 1900Biggleswade, Beds I14316 Freeman-Culpin 
5 ALBONE, Edna Ruth  13 Aug 1913Biggleswade, Beds I14322 Freeman-Culpin 
6 ALBONE, Ernest  3 Aug 1886Biggleswade, Beds I4095 Freeman-Culpin 
7 ALBONE, Ernest Frederick C  3 Mar 1911Biggleswade, Beds I7712 Freeman-Culpin 
8 ALBONE, Ernest William  20 Aug 1917Biggleswade, Beds I9460 Freeman-Culpin 
9 ALBONE, Francis  Abt 1859Biggleswade, Beds I4094 Freeman-Culpin 
10 ALBONE, Frank Edward  27 May 1923Biggleswade, Beds I9463 Freeman-Culpin 
11 ALBONE, Frederick Horace  1896Biggleswade, Beds I14326 Freeman-Culpin 
12 ALBONE, Frederick Horace  1902Biggleswade, Beds I14317 Freeman-Culpin 
13 ALBONE, Gertrude Annie  2 Nov 1898Biggleswade, Beds I14315 Freeman-Culpin 
14 ALBONE, Gladys Winifred  1908Biggleswade, Beds I14319 Freeman-Culpin 
15 ALBONE, Harold Charles  4 Jul 1915Biggleswade, Beds I14323 Freeman-Culpin 
16 ALBONE, Herbert  1904Biggleswade, Beds I14327 Freeman-Culpin 
17 ALBONE, Leslie  1907Biggleswade, Beds I14318 Freeman-Culpin 
18 ALBONE, Mavis Irene  9 Jul 1921Biggleswade, Beds I9461 Freeman-Culpin 
19 ALBONE, Phyllis Jean  2 Aug 1930Biggleswade, Beds I9462 Freeman-Culpin 
20 ALBONE, Reginald  30 Dec 1912Biggleswade, Beds I9458 Freeman-Culpin 
21 ALBONE, Rosa  19 Apr 1884Biggleswade, Beds I6624 Freeman-Culpin 
22 ALBONE, Stanley  8 Feb 1915Biggleswade, Beds I9459 Freeman-Culpin 
23 ALBONE, Walter George  16 Mar 1895Biggleswade, Beds I14328 Freeman-Culpin 
24 ALLERTON, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1752Biggleswade, Beds I1850 Freeman-Culpin 
25 BARKER, Jane  02 Jan 1807Biggleswade, Beds I1906 Freeman-Culpin 
26 BILCOCK, Beatrice Lily  18 Aug 1881Biggleswade, Beds I4103 Freeman-Culpin 
27 BILCOCK, Francis W G  1926Biggleswade, Beds I9492 Freeman-Culpin 
28 BILCOCK, George  14 Jan 1877Biggleswade, Beds I4102 Freeman-Culpin 
29 BILCOCK, Gwendoline Freda  11 Mar 1910Biggleswade, Beds I7156 Freeman-Culpin 
30 BILCOCK, Horace William  7 May 1903Biggleswade, Beds I7155 Freeman-Culpin 
31 BILCOCK, Marjorie  20 May 1901Biggleswade, Beds I7154 Freeman-Culpin 
32 BILCOCK, Trevor George  1930Biggleswade, Beds I9494 Freeman-Culpin 
33 BONFIELD, Jeanne Vibert   I243 Freeman-Culpin 
34 BONFIELD, Roma Ray  21 Oct 1926Biggleswade, Beds I242 Freeman-Culpin 
35 BONFIELD, Samuel Walter  15 Aug 1900Biggleswade, Beds I241 Freeman-Culpin 
36 BROTHERS, George  1881Biggleswade, Beds I7759 Freeman-Culpin 
37 BROWN, William  Abt 1805Biggleswade, Beds I4456 Freeman-Culpin 
38 BYGRAVE, Arthur Sidney  1896Biggleswade, Beds I2664 Freeman-Culpin 
39 BYGRAVE, Arthur William  15 Jan 1875Biggleswade, Beds I941 Freeman-Culpin 
40 BYGRAVE, Emma Elizabeth  07 Jul 1877Biggleswade, Beds I942 Freeman-Culpin 
41 BYGRAVE, George  21 Dec 1872Biggleswade, Beds I940 Freeman-Culpin 
42 BYGRAVE, Ivy Maud  26 Aug 1905Biggleswade, Beds I953 Freeman-Culpin 
43 BYGRAVE, James  1851Biggleswade, Beds I939 Freeman-Culpin 
44 BYGRAVE, Lois  26 Dec 1879Biggleswade, Beds I943 Freeman-Culpin 
45 BYGRAVE, Mabel Bertie  1900Biggleswade, Beds I2665 Freeman-Culpin 
46 BYGRAVE, Maud Alice  26 Aug 1882Biggleswade, Beds I963 Freeman-Culpin 
47 BYGRAVE, Winifred Alice  06 Feb 1904Biggleswade, Beds I952 Freeman-Culpin 
48 CHERRY, Ann  1764Biggleswade, Beds I2444 Freeman-Culpin 
49 CHERRY, Ann  Abt 1808Biggleswade, Beds I1875 Freeman-Culpin 
50 CHERRY, Arthur  Abt 1853Biggleswade, Beds I3026 Freeman-Culpin 
51 CHERRY, Arthur Charles  1858Biggleswade, Beds I3030 Freeman-Culpin 
52 CHERRY, Charles  Abt 1842Biggleswade, Beds I2642 Freeman-Culpin 
53 CHERRY, David  1829Biggleswade, Beds I2634 Freeman-Culpin 
54 CHERRY, David  1859Biggleswade, Beds I2656 Freeman-Culpin 
55 CHERRY, Eliza  1834Biggleswade, Beds I2638 Freeman-Culpin 
56 CHERRY, Elizabeth  1772Biggleswade, Beds I2445 Freeman-Culpin 
57 CHERRY, Elizabeth  1801Biggleswade, Beds I919 Freeman-Culpin 
58 CHERRY, Elizabeth  1857Biggleswade, Beds I2652 Freeman-Culpin 
59 CHERRY, Emma  1837Biggleswade, Beds I2641 Freeman-Culpin 
60 CHERRY, Emma  1849Biggleswade, Beds I2653 Freeman-Culpin 
61 CHERRY, Emma  1862Biggleswade, Beds I2657 Freeman-Culpin 
62 CHERRY, Fanny Jane  1876Biggleswade, Beds I4981 Freeman-Culpin 
63 CHERRY, Frances  1824Biggleswade, Beds I2632 Freeman-Culpin 
64 CHERRY, George  1814Biggleswade, Beds I918 Freeman-Culpin 
65 CHERRY, George  Abt 1826Biggleswade, Beds I2633 Freeman-Culpin 
66 CHERRY, George  1851Biggleswade, Beds I2654 Freeman-Culpin 
67 CHERRY, George  Abt 1858Biggleswade, Beds I2629 Freeman-Culpin 
68 CHERRY, George Frederick  1874Biggleswade, Beds I2658 Freeman-Culpin 
69 CHERRY, James  1832Biggleswade, Beds I2637 Freeman-Culpin 
70 CHERRY, John  02 May 1797Biggleswade, Beds I1904 Freeman-Culpin 
71 CHERRY, John  1843Biggleswade, Beds I2646 Freeman-Culpin 
72 CHERRY, John  1853Biggleswade, Beds I2651 Freeman-Culpin 
73 CHERRY, Male  Abt 1825Biggleswade, Beds I2635 Freeman-Culpin 
74 CHERRY, Mary  08 Nov 1794Biggleswade, Beds I233 Freeman-Culpin 
75 CHERRY, Mary Ann  1845Biggleswade, Beds I2640 Freeman-Culpin 
76 CHERRY, Samuel  1804Biggleswade, Beds I920 Freeman-Culpin 
77 CHERRY, Samuel  1830Biggleswade, Beds I2636 Freeman-Culpin 
78 CHERRY, Susan  1865Biggleswade, Beds I2655 Freeman-Culpin 
79 CHERRY, Thomas  1770Biggleswade, Beds I916 Freeman-Culpin 
80 CHERRY, Thomas  1820Biggleswade, Beds I2631 Freeman-Culpin 
81 CHERRY, William  1767Biggleswade, Beds I2443 Freeman-Culpin 
82 CHERRY, William  01 Jan 1807Biggleswade, Beds I1905 Freeman-Culpin 
83 CHERRY, William  Abt 1839Biggleswade, Beds I2639 Freeman-Culpin 
84 COUBROUGH, Annie Inwood  03 Dec 1872Biggleswade, Beds I1753 Freeman-Culpin 
85 CULLIP, Emma Louisa  Sep 1870Biggleswade, Beds I3028 Freeman-Culpin 
86 CULPIN, Clifford Ewart  15 Jul 1904Biggleswade, Beds I1907 Freeman-Culpin 
87 DEAN, Kenneth Charles   I10158 Freeman-Culpin 
88 DESBOROUGH, Ann  1884Biggleswade, Beds I13854 Freeman-Culpin 
89 DESBOROUGH, Bertha Maud  1903Biggleswade, Beds I13859 Freeman-Culpin 
90 DESBOROUGH, Constance  1908Biggleswade, Beds I13861 Freeman-Culpin 
91 DESBOROUGH, Daniel  1880Biggleswade, Beds I13853 Freeman-Culpin 
92 DESBOROUGH, Ellen  1878Biggleswade, Beds I13852 Freeman-Culpin 
93 DESBOROUGH, Eric Jack  1909Biggleswade, Beds  I13865 Freeman-Culpin 
94 DESBOROUGH, George  c 1845Biggleswade, Beds I13850 Freeman-Culpin 
95 DESBOROUGH, George Henry  1900Biggleswade, Beds I13858 Freeman-Culpin 
96 DESBOROUGH, John Henry  1875Biggleswade, Beds I13851 Freeman-Culpin 
97 DESBOROUGH, Kenneth Jack  1906Biggleswade, Beds I13860 Freeman-Culpin 
98 DESBOROUGH, Roger A  1915Biggleswade, Beds I14308 Freeman-Culpin 
99 DESBOROUGH, Sarah Louisa  1887Biggleswade, Beds I13855 Freeman-Culpin 
100 DICKENS, Rose  Abt 1858Biggleswade, Beds I2987 Freeman-Culpin 
101 ELLIMAN, Alfred  9 Jan 1909Biggleswade, Beds I1008 Freeman-Culpin 
102 FOXLEY, George H  Abt 1890Biggleswade, Beds I4983 Freeman-Culpin 
103 GARNER, Ada May  1892Biggleswade, Beds I8073 Freeman-Culpin 
104 GARNER, Cecil Maurice  1895Biggleswade, Beds I4141 Freeman-Culpin 
105 GARNER, Leslie Claude  21 Mar 1900Biggleswade, Beds I4142 Freeman-Culpin 
106 GARNER, Timothy  Abt 1861Biggleswade, Beds I4140 Freeman-Culpin 
107 GRUMMITT, Charles  1864Biggleswade, Beds I14311 Freeman-Culpin 
108 GRUMMITT, Emma  1857Biggleswade, Beds I2160 Freeman-Culpin 
109 GRUMMITT, Frederick  1869Biggleswade, Beds I14310 Freeman-Culpin 
110 GRUMMITT, Frederick William  1866Biggleswade, Beds I14309 Freeman-Culpin 
111 GRUMMITT, George  1860Biggleswade, Beds I4093 Freeman-Culpin 
112 GRUMMITT, George  Abt 1866Biggleswade, Beds I1879 Freeman-Culpin 
113 GRUMMITT, George William  1889Biggleswade, Beds I4097 Freeman-Culpin 
114 GRUMMITT, Kate Elizabeth  4 Jun 1875Biggleswade, Beds I1880 Freeman-Culpin 
115 GRUMMITT, Mary Ann  1851Biggleswade, Beds I2158 Freeman-Culpin 
116 GRUMMITT, Ruth  1853Biggleswade, Beds I2159 Freeman-Culpin 
117 GRUMMITT, Sarah  1849Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
118 GRUMMITT, William John  1863Biggleswade, Beds I14312 Freeman-Culpin 
119 HADDOW, Alfred George  16 Jan 1895Biggleswade, Beds I3255 Freeman-Culpin 
120 HADDOW, Ernest  1893Biggleswade, Beds I3254 Freeman-Culpin 
121 HADDOW, Percy James  8 Dec 1891Biggleswade, Beds I3253 Freeman-Culpin 
122 HAINES, Mary  Abt 1718Biggleswade, Beds I1877 Freeman-Culpin 
123 HAWKINS, Albert Edward  1869Biggleswade, Beds I948 Freeman-Culpin 
124 HAWKINS, Alfred Charles  1866Biggleswade, Beds I947 Freeman-Culpin 
125 HAWKINS, Charles Herbert  1873Biggleswade, Beds I950 Freeman-Culpin 
126 HAWKINS, Elizabeth  1857Biggleswade, Beds I961 Freeman-Culpin 
127 HAWKINS, Emma Elizabeth  1864Biggleswade, Beds I946 Freeman-Culpin 
128 HAWKINS, Frederick William  1859Biggleswade, Beds I945 Freeman-Culpin 
129 HAWKINS, John  1862Biggleswade, Beds I959 Freeman-Culpin 
130 HAWKINS, Kate Florence  1876Biggleswade, Beds I951 Freeman-Culpin 
131 HAWKINS, Minnie Eliza  1871Biggleswade, Beds I949 Freeman-Culpin 
132 HAWKINS, Phyllis Gertrude  24 Feb 1893Biggleswade, Beds I7741 Freeman-Culpin 
133 HAWKINS, William  1832Biggleswade, Beds I944 Freeman-Culpin 
134 HAWKINS, William  Dec 1881Biggleswade, Beds I7722 Freeman-Culpin 
135 HUCKLE, Eliza  1843Biggleswade, Beds I10081 Freeman-Culpin 
136 HUCKLE, Kathleen Muriel   I3278 Freeman-Culpin 
137 HUCKLE, Mary Ann  1855Biggleswade, Beds I912 Freeman-Culpin 
138 HULL, Daphne Jean B   I9509 Freeman-Culpin 
139 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth   I6632 Freeman-Culpin 
140 JORDAN, Betty Elena  8 Aug 1909Biggleswade, Beds I1140 Freeman-Culpin 
141 MATTHEWS, Sidney Arthur   I3263 Freeman-Culpin 
142 MEEKS, Ann  Abt 1837Biggleswade, Beds I2644 Freeman-Culpin 
143 MEEKS, Charles  1857Biggleswade, Beds I3025 Freeman-Culpin 
144 MILTON, Alfred  1871Biggleswade, Beds I936 Freeman-Culpin 
145 MILTON, Alice  1874Biggleswade, Beds I937 Freeman-Culpin 
146 MILTON, Annie  15 Sep 1882Biggleswade, Beds I1710 Freeman-Culpin 
147 MILTON, Ellen  3 Apr 1869Biggleswade, Beds I935 Freeman-Culpin 
148 MILTON, Frederick  1885Biggleswade, Beds I1711 Freeman-Culpin 
149 MILTON, Frederick Charles  1878Biggleswade, Beds I13403 Freeman-Culpin 
150 MILTON, George  1867Biggleswade, Beds I962 Freeman-Culpin 
151 MILTON, Kate  15 Jun 1879Biggleswade, Beds I938 Freeman-Culpin 
152 MILTON, Robert  1842Biggleswade, Beds I933 Freeman-Culpin 
153 MILTON, Robert George Henry  25 Jan 1891Biggleswade, Beds I965 Freeman-Culpin 
154 MILTON, Robert William  11 Feb 1865Biggleswade, Beds I934 Freeman-Culpin 
155 NEWELL, Arthur Henry  Abt 1865Biggleswade, Beds I2340 Freeman-Culpin 
156 NEWELL, John  1872Biggleswade, Beds I2343 Freeman-Culpin 
157 NEWELL, Joseph  1867Biggleswade, Beds I2341 Freeman-Culpin 
158 NEWELL, Mary Ann  19 Sep 1870Biggleswade, Beds I2342 Freeman-Culpin 
159 PATES, Ada  1890Biggleswade, Beds I1775 Freeman-Culpin 
160 PATES, Ada Ellen  04 Jun 1887Biggleswade, Beds I39 Freeman-Culpin 
161 PATES, Adelina  1874Biggleswade, Beds I932 Freeman-Culpin 
162 PATES, Alan J  1 Dec 1928Biggleswade, Beds I14306 Freeman-Culpin 
163 PATES, Albert  1894Biggleswade, Beds I1778 Freeman-Culpin 
164 PATES, Ann  1747Biggleswade, Beds I2439 Freeman-Culpin 
165 PATES, Ann  1830Biggleswade, Beds I1844 Freeman-Culpin 
166 PATES, Annie Elizabeth  10 Jul 1878Biggleswade, Beds I38 Freeman-Culpin 
167 PATES, Arthur William  05 Nov 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1574 Freeman-Culpin 
168 PATES, Beatrice Eliza  22 Mar 1891Biggleswade, Beds I1776 Freeman-Culpin 
169 PATES, Betty   I35 Freeman-Culpin 
170 PATES, Charles  1835Biggleswade, Beds I1764 Freeman-Culpin 
171 PATES, Charles  Abt 1837Biggleswade, Beds I2391 Freeman-Culpin 
172 PATES, Charles  1844Biggleswade, Beds I1846 Freeman-Culpin 
173 PATES, Charles  17 Apr 1865Biggleswade, Beds I922 Freeman-Culpin 
174 PATES, Charles Frederick  10 Mar 1868Biggleswade, Beds I1788 Freeman-Culpin 
175 PATES, Charles William  1878Biggleswade, Beds I914 Freeman-Culpin 
176 PATES, Clifford Frederick  27 Dec 1913Biggleswade, Beds I3276 Freeman-Culpin 
177 PATES, Cyril Ernest  3 Mar 1916Biggleswade, Beds I3277 Freeman-Culpin 
178 PATES, Doris Kate  1900Biggleswade, Beds I43 Freeman-Culpin 
179 PATES, Dorothy Gladys  2 Jun 1915Biggleswade, Beds I3274 Freeman-Culpin 
180 PATES, Eliza Ann  1860Biggleswade, Beds I1572 Freeman-Culpin 
181 PATES, Elizabeth  Abt 1745Biggleswade, Beds I6807 Freeman-Culpin 
182 PATES, Elizabeth  1773Biggleswade, Beds I6808 Freeman-Culpin 
183 PATES, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1794Biggleswade, Beds I1851 Freeman-Culpin 
184 PATES, Elizabeth  1832Biggleswade, Beds I238 Freeman-Culpin 
185 PATES, Elizabeth  1842Biggleswade, Beds I1570 Freeman-Culpin 
186 PATES, Elizabeth  1859Biggleswade, Beds I1571 Freeman-Culpin 
187 PATES, Elizabeth  1865Biggleswade, Beds I1783 Freeman-Culpin 
188 PATES, Elsie May  16 Mar 1894Biggleswade, Beds I41 Freeman-Culpin 
189 PATES, Emma  Aug 1838Biggleswade, Beds I240 Freeman-Culpin 
190 PATES, Emma Elizabeth  1849Biggleswade, Beds I358 Freeman-Culpin 
191 PATES, Emma Louisa  1876Biggleswade, Beds I1784 Freeman-Culpin 
192 PATES, Ernest Albert  13 Sep 1883Biggleswade, Beds I1575 Freeman-Culpin 
193 PATES, Ethel Ellen  1886Biggleswade, Beds I1772 Freeman-Culpin 
194 PATES, Eva Alice  Dec 1890Biggleswade, Beds I40 Freeman-Culpin 
195 PATES, Fanny  9 May 1867Biggleswade, Beds I931 Freeman-Culpin 
196 PATES, Female  1851Biggleswade, Beds I1785 Freeman-Culpin 
197 PATES, Female  1861Biggleswade, Beds I1767 Freeman-Culpin 
198 PATES, Female  1893Biggleswade, Beds I1786 Freeman-Culpin 
199 PATES, Florence  1889Biggleswade, Beds I1774 Freeman-Culpin 
200 PATES, Francis  1865Biggleswade, Beds I924 Freeman-Culpin 

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Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLERTON, Elizabeth  09 Feb 1756Biggleswade, Beds I1850 Freeman-Culpin 
2 CHERRY, Ann  07 Oct 1764Biggleswade, Beds I2444 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CHERRY, Charles  06 Feb 1846Biggleswade, Beds I2642 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CHERRY, David  03 May 1829Biggleswade, Beds I2634 Freeman-Culpin 
5 CHERRY, David  06 Nov 1859Biggleswade, Beds I2656 Freeman-Culpin 
6 CHERRY, Eliza  26 Oct 1834Biggleswade, Beds I2638 Freeman-Culpin 
7 CHERRY, Elizabeth  02 Nov 1772Biggleswade, Beds I2445 Freeman-Culpin 
8 CHERRY, Elizabeth  03 Jan 1802Biggleswade, Beds I919 Freeman-Culpin 
9 CHERRY, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1857Biggleswade, Beds I2652 Freeman-Culpin 
10 CHERRY, Emma  24 Dec 1837Biggleswade, Beds I2641 Freeman-Culpin 
11 CHERRY, Emma  20 Apr 1849Biggleswade, Beds I2653 Freeman-Culpin 
12 CHERRY, Emma  08 Jul 1862Biggleswade, Beds I2657 Freeman-Culpin 
13 CHERRY, Frances  25 Dec 1824Biggleswade, Beds I2632 Freeman-Culpin 
14 CHERRY, George  01 Jan 1815Biggleswade, Beds I918 Freeman-Culpin 
15 CHERRY, George  11 Apr 1851Biggleswade, Beds I2654 Freeman-Culpin 
16 CHERRY, George Frederick  17 Mar 1874Biggleswade, Beds I2658 Freeman-Culpin 
17 CHERRY, James  06 May 1832Biggleswade, Beds I2637 Freeman-Culpin 
18 CHERRY, John  06 Feb 1846Biggleswade, Beds I2646 Freeman-Culpin 
19 CHERRY, John  04 Sep 1853Biggleswade, Beds I2651 Freeman-Culpin 
20 CHERRY, Mary Ann  06 Feb 1846Biggleswade, Beds I2640 Freeman-Culpin 
21 CHERRY, Samuel  11 Nov 1804Biggleswade, Beds I920 Freeman-Culpin 
22 CHERRY, Samuel  25 Jul 1830Biggleswade, Beds I2636 Freeman-Culpin 
23 CHERRY, Susan  29 Oct 1865Biggleswade, Beds I2655 Freeman-Culpin 
24 CHERRY, Thomas  13 May 1770Biggleswade, Beds I916 Freeman-Culpin 
25 CHERRY, Thomas  27 Mar 1820Biggleswade, Beds I2631 Freeman-Culpin 
26 CHERRY, William  20 Sep 1767Biggleswade, Beds I2443 Freeman-Culpin 
27 CHERRY, William  06 Feb 1846Biggleswade, Beds I2639 Freeman-Culpin 
28 HADDOW, Ernest  1 Jun 1893Biggleswade, Beds I3254 Freeman-Culpin 
29 HAINES, Mary  02 Nov 1718Biggleswade, Beds I1877 Freeman-Culpin 
30 HAWKINS, Albert Edward  26 Dec 1869Biggleswade, Beds I948 Freeman-Culpin 
31 HAWKINS, Alfred Charles  30 Jun 1867Biggleswade, Beds I947 Freeman-Culpin 
32 HAWKINS, Elizabeth  05 Apr 1857Biggleswade, Beds I961 Freeman-Culpin 
33 HAWKINS, Emma Elizabeth  30 Apr 1865Biggleswade, Beds I946 Freeman-Culpin 
34 HAWKINS, Frederick William  07 Aug 1859Biggleswade, Beds I945 Freeman-Culpin 
35 HAWKINS, John  05 Oct 1862Biggleswade, Beds I959 Freeman-Culpin 
36 HAWKINS, Minnie Eliza  24 Sep 1871Biggleswade, Beds I949 Freeman-Culpin 
37 MILTON, Alfred  29 Oct 1871Biggleswade, Beds I936 Freeman-Culpin 
38 MILTON, Ellen  29 Aug 1869Biggleswade, Beds I935 Freeman-Culpin 
39 MILTON, George  17 Aug 1867Biggleswade, Beds I962 Freeman-Culpin 
40 MILTON, Robert William  30 Apr 1865Biggleswade, Beds I934 Freeman-Culpin 
41 NEWELL, Arthur Henry  27 Aug 1865Biggleswade, Beds I2340 Freeman-Culpin 
42 PATES, Adelina  24 Dec 1874Biggleswade, Beds I932 Freeman-Culpin 
43 PATES, Ann  24 May 1747Biggleswade, Beds I2439 Freeman-Culpin 
44 PATES, Betty   I35 Freeman-Culpin 
45 PATES, Charles Frederick  31 Aug 1868Biggleswade, Beds I1788 Freeman-Culpin 
46 PATES, Eliza Ann  07 Oct 1860Biggleswade, Beds I1572 Freeman-Culpin 
47 PATES, Elizabeth  02 Oct 1859Biggleswade, Beds I1571 Freeman-Culpin 
48 PATES, Emma Louisa  28 Apr 1876Biggleswade, Beds I1784 Freeman-Culpin 
49 PATES, Fanny  30 Jun 1867Biggleswade, Beds I931 Freeman-Culpin 
50 PATES, Frederick  07 Aug 1859Biggleswade, Beds I361 Freeman-Culpin 
51 PATES, Frederick  02 Mar 1862Biggleswade, Beds I1848 Freeman-Culpin 
52 PATES, George  05 Aug 1855Biggleswade, Beds I906 Freeman-Culpin 
53 PATES, George  07 Jun 1863Biggleswade, Beds I1789 Freeman-Culpin 
54 PATES, Henry  03 Oct 1852Biggleswade, Beds I1573 Freeman-Culpin 
55 PATES, Henry  02 Nov 1856Biggleswade, Beds I1866 Freeman-Culpin 
56 PATES, Lizzie  07 Jul 1861Biggleswade, Beds I362 Freeman-Culpin 
57 PATES, Lois  19 Mar 1858Biggleswade, Beds I1868 Freeman-Culpin 
58 PATES, Lois  02 Jul 1875Biggleswade, Beds I925 Freeman-Culpin 
59 PATES, Mary Jane  29 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1768 Freeman-Culpin 
60 PATES, Rachel  03 Sep 1854Biggleswade, Beds I1869 Freeman-Culpin 
61 PATES, Rene   I34 Freeman-Culpin 
62 PATES, Ruth  07 Jan 1858Biggleswade, Beds I1873 Freeman-Culpin 
63 PATES, Samuel  04 Apr 1852Biggleswade, Beds I907 Freeman-Culpin 
64 PATES, Samuel  7 Jun 1857Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
65 PATES, Sarah  04 Nov 1860Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
66 PATES, Sarah Ann  04 Sep 1853Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
67 PATES, Sarah Elizabeth  08 Sep 1874Biggleswade, Beds I1769 Freeman-Culpin 
68 PATES, Sarah Elizabeth  28 Apr 1876Biggleswade, Beds I913 Freeman-Culpin 
69 PATES, William  06 Sep 1857Biggleswade, Beds I908 Freeman-Culpin 
70 PATES, William  04 Apr 1858Biggleswade, Beds I1853 Freeman-Culpin 
71 PATES, William  29 Nov 1862Biggleswade, Beds I909 Freeman-Culpin 
72 ROBARTS, Walter  7 Feb 1864Biggleswade, Beds I10087 Freeman-Culpin 
73 SEXTON, Charles Goodman  23 Jul 1784Biggleswade, Beds I6134 Freeman-Culpin 
74 SEXTON, Mary  24 Feb 1775Biggleswade, Beds I6133 Freeman-Culpin 
75 VINTNER, Frederick George  2 Jan 1889Biggleswade, Beds I5118 Freeman-Culpin 
76 WOODWARD, Elizabeth  04 Apr 1870Biggleswade, Beds I4090 Freeman-Culpin 
77 WOODWARD, Jane  30 Oct 1870Biggleswade, Beds I1884 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 142 of 142

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  1844Biggleswade, Beds I1791 Freeman-Culpin 
2 Elizabeth  1877Biggleswade, Beds I1760 Freeman-Culpin 
3 ALBONE, Albert Edward  11 Mar 1974Biggleswade, Beds I14314 Freeman-Culpin 
4 ALBONE, Ernest  1953Biggleswade, Beds I4095 Freeman-Culpin 
5 ALBONE, Ernest William  Feb 1986Biggleswade, Beds I9460 Freeman-Culpin 
6 ALBONE, Frank Edward  1983Biggleswade, Beds I9463 Freeman-Culpin 
7 ALBONE, Frederick Horace  1896Biggleswade, Beds I14326 Freeman-Culpin 
8 ALBONE, Herbert  1906Biggleswade, Beds I14327 Freeman-Culpin 
9 ALBONE, Rosa  1885Biggleswade, Beds I6624 Freeman-Culpin 
10 ALBONE, Walter George  1895Biggleswade, Beds I14328 Freeman-Culpin 
11 BAILIFF, Harry  Jan 1985Biggleswade, Beds I9469 Freeman-Culpin 
12 BARKER, Sarah  8 Sep 1883Biggleswade, Beds I98 Freeman-Culpin 
13 BARKER, Susan  1915Biggleswade, Beds I2306 Freeman-Culpin 
14 BENNINGTON, Sarah  Dec 1809Biggleswade, Beds I917 Freeman-Culpin 
15 BILCOCK, Francis W G  1926Biggleswade, Beds I9492 Freeman-Culpin 
16 BILCOCK, George  1958Biggleswade, Beds I4102 Freeman-Culpin 
17 BILCOCK, Gwendoline Freda  1971Biggleswade, Beds I7156 Freeman-Culpin 
18 BILCOCK, Horace William  1968Biggleswade, Beds I7155 Freeman-Culpin 
19 BLAND, Eliza  1890Biggleswade, Beds I357 Freeman-Culpin 
20 BONFIELD, Samuel Walter  1973Biggleswade, Beds I241 Freeman-Culpin 
21 BROTHERS, George  24 Nov 1950Biggleswade, Beds I7759 Freeman-Culpin 
22 BROWN, William  Bef 1839Biggleswade, Beds I4456 Freeman-Culpin 
23 BRYANT, Sarah Elizabeth  1927Biggleswade, Beds I13856 Freeman-Culpin 
24 BYGRAVE, Arthur William  1948Biggleswade, Beds I941 Freeman-Culpin 
25 BYGRAVE, Ivy Maud  1953Biggleswade, Beds I953 Freeman-Culpin 
26 BYGRAVE, James  1897Biggleswade, Beds I939 Freeman-Culpin 
27 BYGRAVE, Lois  1906Biggleswade, Beds I943 Freeman-Culpin 
28 CHERRY, Ann  1809Biggleswade, Beds I1875 Freeman-Culpin 
29 CHERRY, David  Aug 1860Biggleswade, Beds I2656 Freeman-Culpin 
30 CHERRY, George  1884Biggleswade, Beds I918 Freeman-Culpin 
31 CHERRY, Mary  May 1883Biggleswade, Beds I233 Freeman-Culpin 
32 CHERRY, Mary Ann  1873Biggleswade, Beds I2640 Freeman-Culpin 
33 CHERRY, Samuel  1906Biggleswade, Beds I2636 Freeman-Culpin 
34 COOPER, Constance Joyce   I10172 Freeman-Culpin 
35 CROFT, Harry James  15 Jan 1919Biggleswade, Beds I14183 Freeman-Culpin 
36 DANIELS, Mary Catherine  1939Biggleswade, Beds I921 Freeman-Culpin 
37 DARNELL, Florence Maud  1970Biggleswade, Beds I7711 Freeman-Culpin 
38 DEAN, Kenneth Charles   I10158 Freeman-Culpin 
39 DESBOROUGH, George  1914Biggleswade, Beds I13850 Freeman-Culpin 
40 DESBOROUGH, John Henry  1959Biggleswade, Beds I13851 Freeman-Culpin 
41 DUNKLEY, Horace Frederick  Apr 1994Biggleswade, Beds I13262 Freeman-Culpin 
42 EMERY, George E  1927Biggleswade, Beds I4155 Freeman-Culpin 
43 EWINGTON, Sarah Ann  1937Biggleswade, Beds I5355 Freeman-Culpin 
44 GARNER, Cecil Maurice  09 Apr 1926Biggleswade, Beds I4141 Freeman-Culpin 
45 GARNER, Leslie Claude  1974Biggleswade, Beds I4142 Freeman-Culpin 
46 GRUMMITT, George  1862Biggleswade, Beds I4093 Freeman-Culpin 
47 GRUMMITT, Kate Elizabeth  26 Sep 1942Biggleswade, Beds I1880 Freeman-Culpin 
48 GRUMMITT, Mary Ann  1898Biggleswade, Beds I2158 Freeman-Culpin 
49 GRUMMITT, Reginald Maurice  1948Biggleswade, Beds I4098 Freeman-Culpin 
50 GRUMMITT, Ruth  1923Biggleswade, Beds I2159 Freeman-Culpin 
51 GRUMMITT, Sarah  1925Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
52 GRUMMITT, William  1904Biggleswade, Beds I1845 Freeman-Culpin 
53 HAWKINS, Francis John  19 Nov 1943Biggleswade, Beds I7727 Freeman-Culpin 
54 HAWKINS, John  1931Biggleswade, Beds I959 Freeman-Culpin 
55 HAWKINS, Kate Florence  1957Biggleswade, Beds I951 Freeman-Culpin 
56 HAWKINS, Leslie Gerald  1968Biggleswade, Beds I7731 Freeman-Culpin 
57 HAWKINS, Minnie Eliza  1943Biggleswade, Beds I949 Freeman-Culpin 
58 HUCKLE, Eliza  1887Biggleswade, Beds I10081 Freeman-Culpin 
59 HUCKLE, Emma  05 May 1953Biggleswade, Beds I365 Freeman-Culpin 
60 HUCKLE, Mary Ann  14 Mar 1912Biggleswade, Beds I912 Freeman-Culpin 
61 JONES, Annie  11 Jun 1915Biggleswade, Beds I3269 Freeman-Culpin 
62 JONES, Ellen May  23 Jan 1966Biggleswade, Beds I44 Freeman-Culpin 
63 LANGFORD, Kate  20 Feb 1988Biggleswade, Beds I33 Freeman-Culpin 
64 MILTON, Alice  1888Biggleswade, Beds I937 Freeman-Culpin 
65 MILTON, Annie  1973Biggleswade, Beds I1710 Freeman-Culpin 
66 MILTON, Frederick Charles  1879Biggleswade, Beds I13403 Freeman-Culpin 
67 MILTON, George  Sep 1867Biggleswade, Beds I962 Freeman-Culpin 
68 MILTON, Robert  1924Biggleswade, Beds I933 Freeman-Culpin 
69 PAIR, Ann  1881Biggleswade, Beds I2630 Freeman-Culpin 
70 PATES, Adelina  Mar 1875Biggleswade, Beds I932 Freeman-Culpin 
71 PATES, Ann  Jan 1786Biggleswade, Beds I2439 Freeman-Culpin 
72 PATES, Ann  1899Biggleswade, Beds I1844 Freeman-Culpin 
73 PATES, Annie Elizabeth  12 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I38 Freeman-Culpin 
74 PATES, Arthur William  1930Biggleswade, Beds I1574 Freeman-Culpin 
75 PATES, Charles  1888Biggleswade, Beds I1764 Freeman-Culpin 
76 PATES, Charles William  06 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I914 Freeman-Culpin 
77 PATES, Clifford Frederick  1974Biggleswade, Beds I3276 Freeman-Culpin 
78 PATES, Elizabeth  1842Biggleswade, Beds I1570 Freeman-Culpin 
79 PATES, Elizabeth  1866Biggleswade, Beds I1783 Freeman-Culpin 
80 PATES, Emma  Apr 1839Biggleswade, Beds I240 Freeman-Culpin 
81 PATES, Emma Elizabeth  Feb 1925Biggleswade, Beds I358 Freeman-Culpin 
82 PATES, Eva Alice  06 Aug 1898Biggleswade, Beds I40 Freeman-Culpin 
83 PATES, Female  1851Biggleswade, Beds I1785 Freeman-Culpin 
84 PATES, Female  1893Biggleswade, Beds I1786 Freeman-Culpin 
85 PATES, Francis  1907Biggleswade, Beds I924 Freeman-Culpin 
86 PATES, Frederick  Jun 1938Biggleswade, Beds I361 Freeman-Culpin 
87 PATES, Frederick William  09 Dec 1957Biggleswade, Beds I32 Freeman-Culpin 
88 PATES, George  1899Biggleswade, Beds I1761 Freeman-Culpin 
89 PATES, George  1940Biggleswade, Beds I906 Freeman-Culpin 
90 PATES, Henry  Jan 1753Biggleswade, Beds I1876 Freeman-Culpin 
91 PATES, Henry  1855Biggleswade, Beds I1573 Freeman-Culpin 
92 PATES, Henry  1876Biggleswade, Beds I1759 Freeman-Culpin 
93 PATES, Herbert John  1 May 1974Biggleswade, Beds I366 Freeman-Culpin 
94 PATES, James  1849Biggleswade, Beds I1793 Freeman-Culpin 
95 PATES, John  20 Jan 1901Biggleswade, Beds I36 Freeman-Culpin 
96 PATES, John  1913Biggleswade, Beds I3275 Freeman-Culpin 
97 PATES, Lizzie  1936Biggleswade, Beds I362 Freeman-Culpin 
98 PATES, Lois  02 Jun 1858Biggleswade, Beds I1868 Freeman-Culpin 
99 PATES, Martha  28 Dec 1834Biggleswade, Beds I1794 Freeman-Culpin 
100 PATES, Mary Ann  1917Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
101 PATES, Mary Ann  1948Biggleswade, Beds I905 Freeman-Culpin 
102 PATES, Maurice Arthur  04 Jun 1953Biggleswade, Beds I42 Freeman-Culpin 
103 PATES, Reginald Albert  Nov 1986Biggleswade, Beds I4996 Freeman-Culpin 
104 PATES, Samuel  07 Jan 1908Biggleswade, Beds I236 Freeman-Culpin 
105 PATES, Samuel  8 Dec 1939Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
106 PATES, Sarah  May 1820Biggleswade, Beds I1790 Freeman-Culpin 
107 PATES, Sarah  1874Biggleswade, Beds I235 Freeman-Culpin 
108 PATES, Sarah  13 Feb 1919Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
109 PATES, Sarah Ann  10 Jun 1928Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
110 PATES, Thomas  Sep 1866Biggleswade, Beds I231 Freeman-Culpin 
111 PATES, Wilfred James   I1780 Freeman-Culpin 
112 PATES, William  Jun 1885Biggleswade, Beds I368 Freeman-Culpin 
113 POTTON, Bertha  Sep 1901Biggleswade, Beds I955 Freeman-Culpin 
114 POTTON, Herbert  1968Biggleswade, Beds I6138 Freeman-Culpin 
115 RAYBOULD, Charles Alexander  1962Biggleswade, Beds I4965 Freeman-Culpin 
116 ROBARTS, Leonard Graham H  1889Biggleswade, Beds I10136 Freeman-Culpin 
117 ROBARTS, Walter  20 Apr 1864Biggleswade, Beds I10087 Freeman-Culpin 
118 ROBARTS, Walter  1888Biggleswade, Beds I10080 Freeman-Culpin 
119 ROOK, Jean M  1928Biggleswade, Beds I7751 Freeman-Culpin 
120 SANDERS, Elizabeth  Mar 1888Biggleswade, Beds I1867 Freeman-Culpin 
121 Saunders, Maud Lily  1909Biggleswade, Beds  I13864 Freeman-Culpin 
122 SEWARD, Harry  03 Jun 1905Biggleswade, Beds I7740 Freeman-Culpin 
123 SEXTON, Henry  Sep 1773Biggleswade, Beds I6132 Freeman-Culpin 
124 SEXTON, William  Nov 1774Biggleswade, Beds I2440 Freeman-Culpin 
125 THOMPSON, Mary  5 Apr 1952Biggleswade, Beds I1796 Freeman-Culpin 
126 USHER, Alfred Charles  1951Biggleswade, Beds I4099 Freeman-Culpin 
127 VINTNER, Beatrice Victoria  1953Biggleswade, Beds I5122 Freeman-Culpin 
128 VINTNER, Leslie  1960Biggleswade, Beds I5123 Freeman-Culpin 
129 WARING, Claude A  1919Biggleswade, Beds I6633 Freeman-Culpin 
130 WARING, David George   I6635 Freeman-Culpin 
131 WARING, John Philip   I6634 Freeman-Culpin 
132 WARNER, Charles Arthur  26 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 
133 WARNER, Doris Elizabeth  Sep 1985Biggleswade, Beds I47 Freeman-Culpin 
134 WEEDON, William J  1972Biggleswade, Beds I3260 Freeman-Culpin 
135 WISSON, Clara Elsie  2 Jun 2016Biggleswade, Beds I82 Freeman-Culpin 
136 WISSON, Harold Jack  1908Biggleswade, Beds I81 Freeman-Culpin 
137 WOODWARD, Alice  1957Biggleswade, Beds I1886 Freeman-Culpin 
138 WOODWARD, Elizabeth  Jun 1870Biggleswade, Beds I4090 Freeman-Culpin 
139 WOODWARD, Harry  15 Oct 1957Biggleswade, Beds I1890 Freeman-Culpin 
140 WOODWARD, Sarah Ann  1961Biggleswade, Beds I1887 Freeman-Culpin 
141 WOODWARD, Walter  1938Biggleswade, Beds I1888 Freeman-Culpin 
142 YORK, Herbert John  13 May 1907Biggleswade, Beds I7756 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BENNINGTON, Sarah  02 Jan 1810Biggleswade, Beds I917 Freeman-Culpin 
2 CHERRY, Ann  01 Dec 1809Biggleswade, Beds I1875 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CHERRY, David  30 Aug 1860Biggleswade, Beds I2656 Freeman-Culpin 
4 JONES, Ellen May  Aft 23 Jan 1966Biggleswade, Beds I44 Freeman-Culpin 
5 PATES, Ann  12 Jan 1786Biggleswade, Beds I2439 Freeman-Culpin 
6 PATES, Annie Elizabeth  14 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I38 Freeman-Culpin 
7 PATES, Frederick  29 Jun 1938Biggleswade, Beds I361 Freeman-Culpin 
8 PATES, Henry  25 Jan 1753Biggleswade, Beds I1876 Freeman-Culpin 
9 PATES, Sarah  Aft 13 Feb 1919Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
10 PATES, Sarah Ann  13 Jun 1928Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
11 PATES, Thomas  27 Sep 1866Biggleswade, Beds I231 Freeman-Culpin 
12 PATES, William  03 Jun 1885Biggleswade, Beds I368 Freeman-Culpin 
13 WARNER, Charles Arthur  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 

1939 Register

Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALBONE, Albert Edward  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I14314 Freeman-Culpin 
2 ALBONE, Edna Ruth  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I14322 Freeman-Culpin 
3 ALBONE, Ernest  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I4095 Freeman-Culpin 
4 ALBONE, Ernest Frederick C  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7712 Freeman-Culpin 
5 ALBONE, Ernest William  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9460 Freeman-Culpin 
6 ALBONE, Frank Edward  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9463 Freeman-Culpin 
7 ALBONE, Harold Charles  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I14323 Freeman-Culpin 
8 ALBONE, Mavis Irene  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9461 Freeman-Culpin 
9 ALBONE, Phyllis Jean  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9462 Freeman-Culpin 
10 ALBONE, Reginald  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9458 Freeman-Culpin 
11 ALBONE, Stanley  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9459 Freeman-Culpin 
12 BEALE, Doris G  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I14325 Freeman-Culpin 
13 BILCOCK, Beatrice Lily  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I4103 Freeman-Culpin 
14 BILCOCK, George  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I4102 Freeman-Culpin 
15 BILCOCK, Gwendoline Freda  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7156 Freeman-Culpin 
16 BILCOCK, Horace William  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7155 Freeman-Culpin 
17 BILCOCK, Marjorie  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7154 Freeman-Culpin 
18 BILCOCK, Trevor George  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9494 Freeman-Culpin 
19 BONFIELD, Jeanne Vibert   I243 Freeman-Culpin 
20 BONFIELD, Roma Ray  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I242 Freeman-Culpin 
21 BONFIELD, Samuel Walter  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I241 Freeman-Culpin 
22 BUCK, Amelia L  29 Sep 1910Biggleswade, Beds I6629 Freeman-Culpin 
23 BYGRAVE, Arthur William  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I941 Freeman-Culpin 
24 BYGRAVE, Ivy Maud  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I953 Freeman-Culpin 
25 BYGRAVE, Winifred Alice  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I952 Freeman-Culpin 
26 CHERRINGTON, Thomas Marchant  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I13404 Freeman-Culpin 
27 COOPER, Constance Joyce   I10172 Freeman-Culpin 
28 DARNELL, Florence Maud  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7711 Freeman-Culpin 
29 DARTS, Henry J  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I6630 Freeman-Culpin 
30 ELLIMAN, Alfred  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I1008 Freeman-Culpin 
31 GRUMMITT, Kate Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I1880 Freeman-Culpin 
32 HALL, Annie  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I14304 Freeman-Culpin 
33 HILLS, Rosa Ellen M  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I13338 Freeman-Culpin 
34 HUCKLE, Kathleen Muriel   I3278 Freeman-Culpin 
35 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth   I6632 Freeman-Culpin 
36 JOHNSON, Charles J  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I14324 Freeman-Culpin 
37 JONES, Ellen May  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I44 Freeman-Culpin 
38 LANGFORD, Kate  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I33 Freeman-Culpin 
39 LINDSEY, Nancy   I4984 Freeman-Culpin 
40 MATTHEWS, Sidney Arthur   I3263 Freeman-Culpin 
41 MILTON, Kate  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I938 Freeman-Culpin 
42 PATES, Alan J  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I14306 Freeman-Culpin 
43 PATES, Annie Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I38 Freeman-Culpin 
44 PATES, Beatrice Eliza  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I1776 Freeman-Culpin 
45 PATES, Betty   I35 Freeman-Culpin 
46 PATES, Clifford Frederick  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I3276 Freeman-Culpin 
47 PATES, Cyril Ernest  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I3277 Freeman-Culpin 
48 PATES, Dorothy Gladys  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I3274 Freeman-Culpin 
49 PATES, Ernest Albert  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I1575 Freeman-Culpin 
50 PATES, Frederick William  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I32 Freeman-Culpin 
51 PATES, Herbert John  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I366 Freeman-Culpin 
52 PATES, Leslie Charles   I6627 Freeman-Culpin 
53 PATES, Maurice Arthur  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I42 Freeman-Culpin 
54 PATES, Reginald Albert  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I4996 Freeman-Culpin 
55 PATES, Rene   I34 Freeman-Culpin 
56 PATES, Samuel  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
57 PATES, Sidney G  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I3273 Freeman-Culpin 
58 PATES, Sylvia Florence Ellen  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I6628 Freeman-Culpin 
59 POTTON, Herbert  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I6138 Freeman-Culpin 
60 STREET, Violet M  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I13414 Freeman-Culpin 
61 THOMPSON, Mary  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I1796 Freeman-Culpin 
62 VINTNER, Leslie  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I5123 Freeman-Culpin 
63 WADE, Gladys Kate  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7761 Freeman-Culpin 
64 WADE, Kenneth Charles  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7763 Freeman-Culpin 
65 WALKER, Emma  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I4091 Freeman-Culpin 
66 WARING, Arthur John  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I3272 Freeman-Culpin 
67 WARING, David George   I6635 Freeman-Culpin 
68 WARING, John Philip   I6634 Freeman-Culpin 
69 WARNER, Charles Arthur  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 
70 WARNER, Doris Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I47 Freeman-Culpin 
71 WEBB, Herbert G  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7158 Freeman-Culpin 
72 WOODWARD, Albert G  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I4105 Freeman-Culpin 
73 WOODWARD, Harry  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I1890 Freeman-Culpin 
74 WOODWARD, Sarah Ann  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I1887 Freeman-Culpin 
75 WOODWARD, Victor J  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I9476 Freeman-Culpin 
76 WRIGHT, Fanny  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I3270 Freeman-Culpin 
77 YOUNG, Elsie May  29 Sep 1939Biggleswade, Beds I7157 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 167 of 167

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALBONE, Albert Edward  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I14314 Freeman-Culpin 
2 ALBONE, Albert Edward  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I14314 Freeman-Culpin 
3 ALBONE, Dorothy Kate  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I14316 Freeman-Culpin 
4 ALBONE, Dorothy Kate  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I14316 Freeman-Culpin 
5 ALBONE, Frederick  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I14313 Freeman-Culpin 
6 ALBONE, Frederick  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I14313 Freeman-Culpin 
7 ALBONE, Frederick Horace  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I14317 Freeman-Culpin 
8 ALBONE, Gertrude Annie  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I14315 Freeman-Culpin 
9 ALBONE, Gertrude Annie  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I14315 Freeman-Culpin 
10 ALBONE, Gladys Winifred  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I14319 Freeman-Culpin 
11 ALBONE, Leslie  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I14318 Freeman-Culpin 
12 BARKER, Sarah  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I98 Freeman-Culpin 
13 BARKER, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I98 Freeman-Culpin 
14 BARKER, Sarah  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I98 Freeman-Culpin 
15 BRYANT, Sarah Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I13856 Freeman-Culpin 
16 BRYANT, Sarah Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I13856 Freeman-Culpin 
17 BYGRAVE, Arthur William  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I941 Freeman-Culpin 
18 BYGRAVE, Arthur William  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I941 Freeman-Culpin 
19 BYGRAVE, Arthur William  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I941 Freeman-Culpin 
20 BYGRAVE, Ivy Maud  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I953 Freeman-Culpin 
21 BYGRAVE, Winifred Alice  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I952 Freeman-Culpin 
22 CHERRY, Arthur  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I3026 Freeman-Culpin 
23 CHERRY, James  02 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I2637 Freeman-Culpin 
24 CHERRY, Mary  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I233 Freeman-Culpin 
25 CHERRY, Mary  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I233 Freeman-Culpin 
26 CLARK, Jane  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1782 Freeman-Culpin 
27 CLARK, Jane  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1782 Freeman-Culpin 
28 CLARK, Jane  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1782 Freeman-Culpin 
29 DESBOROUGH, Ann  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I13854 Freeman-Culpin 
30 DESBOROUGH, Bertha Maud  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I13859 Freeman-Culpin 
31 DESBOROUGH, Constance  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I13861 Freeman-Culpin 
32 DESBOROUGH, Daniel  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I13853 Freeman-Culpin 
33 DESBOROUGH, Daniel  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I13853 Freeman-Culpin 
34 DESBOROUGH, Ellen  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I13852 Freeman-Culpin 
35 DESBOROUGH, Ellen  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I13852 Freeman-Culpin 
36 DESBOROUGH, Florence Kathleen  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I13857 Freeman-Culpin 
37 DESBOROUGH, Florence Kathleen  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I13857 Freeman-Culpin 
38 DESBOROUGH, George  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I13850 Freeman-Culpin 
39 DESBOROUGH, George  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I13850 Freeman-Culpin 
40 DESBOROUGH, George Henry  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I13858 Freeman-Culpin 
41 DESBOROUGH, George Henry  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I13858 Freeman-Culpin 
42 DESBOROUGH, John Henry  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I13851 Freeman-Culpin 
43 DESBOROUGH, John Henry  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I13851 Freeman-Culpin 
44 DESBOROUGH, John Henry  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I13851 Freeman-Culpin 
45 DESBOROUGH, John Henry  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I13851 Freeman-Culpin 
46 DESBOROUGH, Kenneth Jack  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I13860 Freeman-Culpin 
47 DESBOROUGH, Sarah Louisa  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I13855 Freeman-Culpin 
48 GRUMMITT, George  07 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I4093 Freeman-Culpin 
49 GRUMMITT, Kate Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1880 Freeman-Culpin 
50 GRUMMITT, Kate Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I1880 Freeman-Culpin 
51 GRUMMITT, Mary Ann  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I2158 Freeman-Culpin 
52 GRUMMITT, Mary Ann  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I2158 Freeman-Culpin 
53 GRUMMITT, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I2158 Freeman-Culpin 
54 GRUMMITT, Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I2158 Freeman-Culpin 
55 GRUMMITT, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I2158 Freeman-Culpin 
56 GRUMMITT, Ruth  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I2159 Freeman-Culpin 
57 GRUMMITT, Ruth  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I2159 Freeman-Culpin 
58 GRUMMITT, Ruth  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I2159 Freeman-Culpin 
59 GRUMMITT, Ruth  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I2159 Freeman-Culpin 
60 GRUMMITT, Ruth  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I2159 Freeman-Culpin 
61 GRUMMITT, Sarah  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
62 GRUMMITT, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
63 GRUMMITT, Sarah  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
64 GRUMMITT, Sarah  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
65 GRUMMITT, Sarah  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
66 GRUMMITT, Sarah  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I1881 Freeman-Culpin 
67 GRUMMITT, William  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I1845 Freeman-Culpin 
68 GRUMMITT, William  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1845 Freeman-Culpin 
69 GRUMMITT, William  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1845 Freeman-Culpin 
70 GRUMMITT, William  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1845 Freeman-Culpin 
71 HADDOW, James  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I3252 Freeman-Culpin 
72 HADDOW, Percy James  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I3253 Freeman-Culpin 
73 HUCKLE, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I912 Freeman-Culpin 
74 HUCKLE, Mary Ann  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I912 Freeman-Culpin 
75 HUCKLE, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I912 Freeman-Culpin 
76 JONES, Annie  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I3269 Freeman-Culpin 
77 LANGFORD, Benjamin  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I178 Freeman-Culpin 
78 MILTON, Alfred  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I936 Freeman-Culpin 
79 MILTON, Frederick  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I1711 Freeman-Culpin 
80 MILTON, Frederick  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1711 Freeman-Culpin 
81 MILTON, Frederick  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I1711 Freeman-Culpin 
82 MILTON, Kate  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I938 Freeman-Culpin 
83 MILTON, Kate  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I938 Freeman-Culpin 
84 MILTON, Kate  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I938 Freeman-Culpin 
85 MILTON, Robert  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I933 Freeman-Culpin 
86 MILTON, Robert  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I933 Freeman-Culpin 
87 MILTON, Robert  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I933 Freeman-Culpin 
88 MILTON, Robert  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I933 Freeman-Culpin 
89 MILTON, Robert William  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I934 Freeman-Culpin 
90 PATES, Ada  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I1775 Freeman-Culpin 
91 PATES, Ada  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1775 Freeman-Culpin 
92 PATES, Ada  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I1775 Freeman-Culpin 
93 PATES, Ann  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I1844 Freeman-Culpin 
94 PATES, Ann  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1844 Freeman-Culpin 
95 PATES, Ann  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1844 Freeman-Culpin 
96 PATES, Charles  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I1764 Freeman-Culpin 
97 PATES, Charles  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1846 Freeman-Culpin 
98 PATES, Charles  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1764 Freeman-Culpin 
99 PATES, Charles Frederick  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1788 Freeman-Culpin 
100 PATES, Charles Frederick  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1788 Freeman-Culpin 
101 PATES, Eliza Ann  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1572 Freeman-Culpin 
102 PATES, Emma Elizabeth  07 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I358 Freeman-Culpin 
103 PATES, Emma Elizabeth  05 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I358 Freeman-Culpin 
104 PATES, Emma Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I358 Freeman-Culpin 
105 PATES, Emma Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I358 Freeman-Culpin 
106 PATES, Emma Louisa  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1784 Freeman-Culpin 
107 PATES, Ernest Albert  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I1575 Freeman-Culpin 
108 PATES, Ernest Albert  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1575 Freeman-Culpin 
109 PATES, Ernest Albert  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I1575 Freeman-Culpin 
110 PATES, Fanny  02 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I931 Freeman-Culpin 
111 PATES, Female  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1767 Freeman-Culpin 
112 PATES, George  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1789 Freeman-Culpin 
113 PATES, George  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1789 Freeman-Culpin 
114 PATES, Herbert John  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I366 Freeman-Culpin 
115 PATES, Herbert John  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I366 Freeman-Culpin 
116 PATES, Herbert John  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I366 Freeman-Culpin 
117 PATES, James  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I1847 Freeman-Culpin 
118 PATES, James  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1847 Freeman-Culpin 
119 PATES, Leslie Charles   I6627 Freeman-Culpin 
120 PATES, Mary Ann  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
121 PATES, Mary Ann  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
122 PATES, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
123 PATES, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
124 PATES, Mary Ann  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
125 PATES, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
126 PATES, Mary Jane  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1768 Freeman-Culpin 
127 PATES, Mary Jane  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1768 Freeman-Culpin 
128 PATES, Samuel  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
129 PATES, Samuel  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
130 PATES, Samuel  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
131 PATES, Samuel  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
132 PATES, Samuel  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
133 PATES, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
134 PATES, Sarah  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
135 PATES, Sarah  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
136 PATES, Sarah  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
137 PATES, Sarah  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
138 PATES, Sarah Ann  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
139 PATES, Sarah Ann  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
140 PATES, Sarah Ann  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
141 PATES, Sarah Ann  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
142 PATES, Sarah Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1769 Freeman-Culpin 
143 PATES, Sylvia Florence Ellen  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I6628 Freeman-Culpin 
144 PATES, William  30 Mar 1851Biggleswade, Beds I99 Freeman-Culpin 
145 PATES, William  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I1853 Freeman-Culpin 
146 PATES, William  7 Apr 1861Biggleswade, Beds I908 Freeman-Culpin 
147 PATES, William  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1853 Freeman-Culpin 
148 PATES, William  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, BEds I909 Freeman-Culpin 
149 ROOK, Elizabeth  02 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I3027 Freeman-Culpin 
150 SAMUEL, Mary  05 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I4165 Freeman-Culpin 
151 THOMPSON, Mary  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I1796 Freeman-Culpin 
152 THOMPSON, Mary  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1796 Freeman-Culpin 
153 THOMPSON, Mary  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I1796 Freeman-Culpin 
154 WADE, Gladys Kate  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I7761 Freeman-Culpin 
155 WADE, Kenneth Charles  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I7763 Freeman-Culpin 
156 WADE, Ruby Constance  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, BEds I7762 Freeman-Culpin 
157 WOODWARD, Alice  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1886 Freeman-Culpin 
158 WOODWARD, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1885 Freeman-Culpin 
159 WOODWARD, Frederick  2 Apr 1871Biggleswade, Beds I1882 Freeman-Culpin 
160 WOODWARD, Frederick  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1882 Freeman-Culpin 
161 WOODWARD, Frederick  5 Apr 1891Biggleswade, Beds I1882 Freeman-Culpin 
162 WOODWARD, Frederick  31 Mar 1901Biggleswade, Beds I1882 Freeman-Culpin 
163 WOODWARD, Frederick  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I1882 Freeman-Culpin 
164 WOODWARD, Jane  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1884 Freeman-Culpin 
165 WOODWARD, Sarah Ann  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1887 Freeman-Culpin 
166 WOODWARD, Walter  3 Apr 1881Biggleswade, Beds I1888 Freeman-Culpin 
167 WRIGHT, Fanny  2 Apr 1911Biggleswade, Beds I3270 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Mourner    Person ID   Tree 
1 BONFIELD, Samuel Walter  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I241 Freeman-Culpin 
2 BONFIELD, Samuel Walter  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I241 Freeman-Culpin 
3 FREEMAN, Millice   I2 Freeman-Culpin 
4 HENDERSON, John William  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I76 Freeman-Culpin 
5 HENDERSON, John William  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I76 Freeman-Culpin 
6 JONES, Ellen May  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I44 Freeman-Culpin 
7 LANGFORD, Freeman  12 Dec 1957Biggleswade, Beds I63 Freeman-Culpin 
8 LANGFORD, Kate  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I33 Freeman-Culpin 
9 LANGFORD, Kate  12 Dec 1957Biggleswade, Beds I33 Freeman-Culpin 
10 LANGFORD, Kate  12 Dec 1957Biggleswade, Beds I130 Freeman-Culpin 
11 PATES, Ada Ellen  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I39 Freeman-Culpin 
12 PATES, Ada Ellen  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I39 Freeman-Culpin 
13 PATES, Annie Elizabeth  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I38 Freeman-Culpin 
14 PATES, Betty   I35 Freeman-Culpin 
15 PATES, Elsie May  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I41 Freeman-Culpin 
16 PATES, Elsie May  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I41 Freeman-Culpin 
17 PATES, Frederick William  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I32 Freeman-Culpin 
18 PATES, Kitty Marjorie   I1 Freeman-Culpin 
19 PATES, Maurice Arthur  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I42 Freeman-Culpin 
20 PATES, Maurice Arthur  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I42 Freeman-Culpin 
21 PATES, Rene   I34 Freeman-Culpin 
22 POTTON, Victor Arthur  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I7752 Freeman-Culpin 
23 POTTON, Victor Arthur  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I7752 Freeman-Culpin 
24 RAYBOULD, Alexander Charles   I83 Freeman-Culpin 
25 WARNER, Doris Elizabeth  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I47 Freeman-Culpin 
26 WARNER, Doris Elizabeth  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I47 Freeman-Culpin 
27 WARNER, Marjorie Violet  30 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I48 Freeman-Culpin 
28 WARNER, Marjorie Violet  20 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I48 Freeman-Culpin 

Newspaper Report

Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper Report    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARKER, Sarah  15 Sep 1883Biggleswade, Beds I98 Freeman-Culpin 
2 CHERRY, Mary  17 Oct 1857Biggleswade, Beds I233 Freeman-Culpin 
3 GARNER, Timothy  14 Aug 1903Biggleswade, Beds I4140 Freeman-Culpin 
4 HUCKLE, Emma  18 Sep 1953Biggleswade, Beds I365 Freeman-Culpin 
5 HUCKLE, Mary Ann  22 Mar 1912Biggleswade, Beds I912 Freeman-Culpin 
6 JONES, Annie  18 Jun 1915Biggleswade, Beds I3269 Freeman-Culpin 
7 PATES, Ada  6 Feb 1914Biggleswade, Beds I1775 Freeman-Culpin 
8 PATES, Annie Elizabeth  13 Aug 1948Biggleswade, Beds I38 Freeman-Culpin 
9 PATES, Doris Kate  26 Dec 1913Biggleswade, Beds I43 Freeman-Culpin 
10 PATES, Emma Elizabeth  20 Feb 1925Biggleswade, Beds I358 Freeman-Culpin 
11 PATES, Eva Alice  12 Aug 1898Biggleswade, Beds I40 Freeman-Culpin 
12 PATES, Frederick William  6 Mar 1919Biggleswade, Beds I32 Freeman-Culpin 
13 PATES, Frederick William  13 Dec 1957Biggleswade, Beds I32 Freeman-Culpin 
14 PATES, Frederick William  20 Dec 1957Biggleswade, Beds I32 Freeman-Culpin 
15 PATES, Frederick William  20 Dec 1957Biggleswade, Beds I32 Freeman-Culpin 
16 PATES, John  25 Jan 1901Biggleswade, Beds I36 Freeman-Culpin 
17 PATES, John  25 Jan 1901Biggleswade, Beds I36 Freeman-Culpin 
18 PATES, John  1 Feb 1901Biggleswade, Beds I36 Freeman-Culpin 
19 PATES, John  31 Aug 1923Biggleswade, Beds I363 Freeman-Culpin 
20 PATES, Mary Ann  26 Feb 1861Biggleswade, Beds I410 Freeman-Culpin 
21 PATES, Maurice Arthur  12 Jun 1953Biggleswade, Beds I42 Freeman-Culpin 
22 PATES, Maurice Arthur  12 Jun 1953Biggleswade, Beds I42 Freeman-Culpin 
23 PATES, Samuel  14 Aug 1903Biggleswade, Beds I236 Freeman-Culpin 
24 PATES, Samuel  15 Dec 1939Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
25 PATES, Samuel  15 Dec 1939Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
26 PATES, Samuel  15 Dec 1939Biggleswade, Beds I360 Freeman-Culpin 
27 PATES, Sarah  26 Feb 1861Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
28 PATES, Sarah  6 Mar 1908Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
29 PATES, Sarah  21 Feb 1919Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
30 PATES, Sarah  11 Feb 1921Biggleswade, Beds I37 Freeman-Culpin 
31 PATES, Sarah Ann  15 Jun 1928Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
32 PATES, Sarah Ann  15 Jun 1928Biggleswade, Beds I359 Freeman-Culpin 
33 PATES, William  13 Jun 1913Biggleswade, Beds I908 Freeman-Culpin 
34 ROBARTS, Walter  26 Feb 1861Biggleswade, Beds I10080 Freeman-Culpin 
35 THOMPSON, Mary  11 Apr 1952Biggleswade, Beds I1796 Freeman-Culpin 
36 WARNER, Charles Arthur  29 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 
37 WARNER, Charles Arthur  29 May 1942Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 
38 WARNER, Charles Arthur  5 Jun 1942Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 
39 WARNER, Charles Arthur  5 Jun 1942Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 
40 WISSON, Clara Elsie  10 Jun 2016Biggleswade, Beds I82 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 WALKER, Emma  c 1910Biggleswade, Beds I4091 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID   Tree 
1 HENDERSON, John William  9 Jun 1919Biggleswade, Beds I76 Freeman-Culpin 
2 PATES, Elsie May  9 Jun 1919Biggleswade, Beds I41 Freeman-Culpin 
3 WARNER, Charles Arthur  9 Jun 1919Biggleswade, Beds I46 Freeman-Culpin 
4 WARNER, Doris Elizabeth  9 Jun 1919Biggleswade, Beds I47 Freeman-Culpin 
5 WARNER, Marjorie Violet  9 Jun 1919Biggleswade, Beds I48 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 105 of 105

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALBONE / BASTERFIELD  1941Biggleswade, Beds F2905 Freeman-Culpin 
2 ALBONE / DARNELL  1909Biggleswade, Beds F1565 Freeman-Culpin 
3 ALBONE / HAWKINS  1940Biggleswade, Beds F2904 Freeman-Culpin 
4 ALBONE / RICHARDSON  1940Biggleswade, Beds F2907 Freeman-Culpin 
5 ALBONE / RICHARDSON   F2906 Freeman-Culpin 
6 ALBONE / WHISTANCE  1964Biggleswade, Beds F2909 Freeman-Culpin 
7 ALLERTON / LINCOLN  30 Sep 1751Biggleswade, Beds F864 Freeman-Culpin 
8 BAILIFF / ALBONE  1941Biggleswade, Beds F2908 Freeman-Culpin 
9 BARKER / BALDWIN  1849Biggleswade, Beds F375 Freeman-Culpin 
10 BENNETT / ALBONE  1951Biggleswade, Beds F2910 Freeman-Culpin 
11 BENNETT / HAINES  12 Apr 1760Biggleswade, Beds F873 Freeman-Culpin 
12 BILCOCK / WOODWARD  1900Biggleswade, Beds F878 Freeman-Culpin 
13 BILCOCK / YOUNG  1925Biggleswade, Beds F2261 Freeman-Culpin 
14 BROTHERS / BYGRAVE  1905Biggleswade, Beds F517 Freeman-Culpin 
15 BROWN / BARKER  22 Sep 1833Biggleswade, Beds F73 Freeman-Culpin 
16 BUNN / WADE  1935Biggleswade, Beds F4083 Freeman-Culpin 
17 BYGRAVE / BUTCHER  1895Biggleswade, Beds F514 Freeman-Culpin 
18 BYGRAVE / MILTON  1904Biggleswade, Beds F513 Freeman-Culpin 
19 BYGRAVE / PATES  16 Jul 1872Biggleswade, Beds F494 Freeman-Culpin 
20 CHERRINGTON / WADE  2 Jul 1925Biggleswade, Beds F4078 Freeman-Culpin 
21 CHERRY /   1876Biggleswade, Beds F1151 Freeman-Culpin 
22 CHERRY / BENNINGTON  06 Oct 1793Biggleswade, Beds F151 Freeman-Culpin 
23 CHERRY / MEEKS  04 Sep 1859Biggleswade, Beds F1148 Freeman-Culpin 
24 CHERRY / MINOR  20 Dec 1846Biggleswade, Beds F1146 Freeman-Culpin 
25 CHERRY / PAIR  05 Sep 1819Biggleswade, Beds F887 Freeman-Culpin 
26 CHERRY / PETERS  09 Oct 1763Biggleswade, Beds F501 Freeman-Culpin 
27 CHERRY / REYNOLDS  20 Oct 1838Biggleswade, Beds F502 Freeman-Culpin 
28 CHERRY / ROOK  1865Biggleswade, Beds F1149 Freeman-Culpin 
29 CULLIP / CHERRY  17 Jul 1870Biggleswade, Beds F1150 Freeman-Culpin 
30 DEAN / PATES  1931Biggleswade, Beds F1795 Freeman-Culpin 
31 DESBOROUGH / BRYANT  1897Biggleswade, Beds F4203 Freeman-Culpin 
32 DESBOROUGH / GRUMMITT  13 Dec 1874Biggleswade, Beds F4202 Freeman-Culpin 
33 DESBOROUGH / Saunders  1906Biggleswade, Beds F4205 Freeman-Culpin 
34 EMERY / USHER  1921Biggleswade, Beds F1566 Freeman-Culpin 
35 FOXLEY / CHERRY  1889Biggleswade, Beds F1154 Freeman-Culpin 
36 GARNER / PATES  1888Biggleswade, Beds F219 Freeman-Culpin 
37 GRIFFIN / STREET  1884Biggleswade, Beds F1053 Freeman-Culpin 
38 GRUMMITT / PATES  24 Sep 1848Biggleswade, Beds F861 Freeman-Culpin 
39 GRUMMITT / WELLS  1888Biggleswade, Beds F875 Freeman-Culpin 
40 HADDOW / MILTON  1890Biggleswade, Beds F512 Freeman-Culpin 
41 HAWKINS / PATES  02 Nov 1856Biggleswade, Beds F155 Freeman-Culpin 
42 HENDERSON / PATES  26 Dec 1924Biggleswade, Beds F35 Freeman-Culpin 
43 HUCKLE / WOODWARD  1915Biggleswade, Beds F2911 Freeman-Culpin 
44 HULL / USHER   F2060 Freeman-Culpin 
45 JOHNSON / ALBONE  1934Biggleswade, Beds F4338 Freeman-Culpin 
46 KEEP / PATES  1904Biggleswade, Beds F588 Freeman-Culpin 
47 LAW / STREET  1898Biggleswade, Beds F4076 Freeman-Culpin 
48 MATTHEWS / COOPER   F3143 Freeman-Culpin 
49 MATTHEWS / PATES  1906Biggleswade, Beds F531 Freeman-Culpin 
50 MATTHEWS / PATES  Mar 1912Biggleswade, Beds F840 Freeman-Culpin 
51 MESSENGER / PATES  1875Biggleswade, Beds F872 Freeman-Culpin 
52 MILTON / PATES  25 Dec 1863Biggleswade, Beds F240 Freeman-Culpin 
53 MILTON / WILLMER  1890Biggleswade, Beds F511 Freeman-Culpin 
54 PATES / ALLERTON  13 Oct 1772Biggleswade, Beds F849 Freeman-Culpin 
55 PATES / BUCK   F2153 Freeman-Culpin 
56 PATES / CHAMBERS  13 Oct 1850Biggleswade, Beds F493 Freeman-Culpin 
57 PATES / CHERRY  06 Dec 1817Biggleswade, Beds F148 Freeman-Culpin 
58 PATES / CLARK  20 Nov 1857Biggleswade, Beds F763 Freeman-Culpin 
59 PATES / HAINES  26 Nov 1740Biggleswade, Beds F863 Freeman-Culpin 
60 PATES / HAWKINS  19 Jan 1851Biggleswade, Beds F761 Freeman-Culpin 
61 PATES / HUCKLE  19 Nov 1875Biggleswade, Beds F495 Freeman-Culpin 
62 PATES / HUCKLE   F1334 Freeman-Culpin 
63 PATES / HUTCHINSON  1938Biggleswade, Beds F1796 Freeman-Culpin 
64 PATES / JONES  1906Biggleswade, Beds F764 Freeman-Culpin 
65 PATES / LINDSEY  1936Biggleswade, Beds F1333 Freeman-Culpin 
66 PATES / MAYHEW  1889Biggleswade, Beds F505 Freeman-Culpin 
67 PATES / NOTTS  08 Dec 1854Biggleswade, Beds F154 Freeman-Culpin 
68 PATES / SANDERS  14 Oct 1808Biggleswade, Beds F848 Freeman-Culpin 
69 PATES / WHEATLEY  1900Biggleswade, Beds F499 Freeman-Culpin 
70 PATES / WHEELER  31 Aug 1856Biggleswade, Beds F153 Freeman-Culpin 
71 PATES / WOODWARD  1924Biggleswade, Beds F4026 Freeman-Culpin 
72 PATES / WRIGHT  1909Biggleswade, Beds F765 Freeman-Culpin 
73 Pope / DESBOROUGH  1900Biggleswade, Beds F4204 Freeman-Culpin 
74 POTTON / BYGRAVE  1930Biggleswade, Beds F526 Freeman-Culpin 
75 RAYBOULD / DAY  29 Dec 1919Biggleswade, Beds F64 Freeman-Culpin 
76 RENAUT / WEEDON  1938Biggleswade, Beds F2816 Freeman-Culpin 
77 ROBARTS / WOODS  1883Biggleswade, Beds F3133 Freeman-Culpin 
78 ROOK / PATES  1914Biggleswade, Beds F841 Freeman-Culpin 
79 SEXTON / PATES  01 Nov 1772Biggleswade, Beds F1082 Freeman-Culpin 
80 SMITH / PATES  1922Biggleswade, Beds F843 Freeman-Culpin 
81 SMITH / SWAIN  1926Biggleswade, Beds F2421 Freeman-Culpin 
82 STOKES / HAWKINS  1913Biggleswade, Beds F2414 Freeman-Culpin 
83 STREET /   Jun 1881Biggleswade, Beds F1050 Freeman-Culpin 
84 STREET / BUTCHER  1883Biggleswade, Beds F4069 Freeman-Culpin 
85 STREET / PATES  24 Nov 1832Biggleswade, Beds F871 Freeman-Culpin 
86 THOMPSON / PATES  04 Aug 1928Biggleswade, Beds F2056 Freeman-Culpin 
87 TINGEY / ROBARTS  1886Biggleswade, Beds F3124 Freeman-Culpin 
88 TOBYN / PATES  1893Biggleswade, Beds F221 Freeman-Culpin 
89 TWEDDLE / BILCOCK  1948Biggleswade, Beds F2262 Freeman-Culpin 
90 USHER / WOODWARD  1897Biggleswade, Beds F877 Freeman-Culpin 
91 VINTNER / HILLS  1924Biggleswade, Beds F4048 Freeman-Culpin 
92 WADE / MILTON  1902Biggleswade, Beds F815 Freeman-Culpin 
93 WALTON / BYGRAVE  1915Biggleswade, Beds F516 Freeman-Culpin 
94 WARING / PATES  1917Biggleswade, Beds F842 Freeman-Culpin 
95 WARNER / PATES  26 Dec 1900Biggleswade, Beds F33 Freeman-Culpin 
96 WEBB / BILCOCK  1927Biggleswade, Beds F2260 Freeman-Culpin 
97 WEBB / COCKS  1899Biggleswade, Beds F129 Freeman-Culpin 
98 WEEDON / PATES  1908Biggleswade, Beds F590 Freeman-Culpin 
99 WISSON / JORDAN  1929Biggleswade, Beds F62 Freeman-Culpin 
100 WISSON / PATES  1907Biggleswade, Beds F34 Freeman-Culpin 
101 WOODWARD / BILCOCK  4 Sep 1899Biggleswade, Beds F879 Freeman-Culpin 
102 WOODWARD / GRUMMITT  1868Biggleswade, Beds F876 Freeman-Culpin 
103 WOODWARD / PAYNE  1924Biggleswade, Beds F1567 Freeman-Culpin 
104 WOODWARD / WALKER  25 Jun 1922Biggleswade, Beds F880 Freeman-Culpin 
105 YORK / BYGRAVE  1905Biggleswade, Beds F515 Freeman-Culpin 

Newspaper Report

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Newspaper Report    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALBONE / Franklin  6 Sep 1929Biggleswade, Beds F4336 Freeman-Culpin 
2 ELLIMAN / BYGRAVE  6 Oct 1933Biggleswade, Beds F527 Freeman-Culpin 
3 FREEMAN / PATES   F2763 Freeman-Culpin 
4 PATES / THOMPSON  12 Dec 1952Biggleswade, Beds F4334 Freeman-Culpin 
5 POTTON / WARNER  15 Jun 1934Biggleswade, Beds F39 Freeman-Culpin